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About us

JetStar Cargo was born in 2014, we are much more than a FreightForwarder, much more than a Logistics Operator and much more than service providers. We are actually a team of properly trained and trained people to meet your needs, facilitating your international trade operations, with a network of agents in the main ports of the world (South America, China, Europe, USA).

We are a Bolivian national and international transport company, we have reliable and trained personnel in International transport service.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions in the field of physical distribution logistics to and from the different overseas markets that they require. Conveniently coordinating the entire physical and documentary transport chain, which makes us a strategic ally for foreign trade.


We offer a guaranteed, punctual and safe service. We carry out a personalized monitoring of the cargo, offering each client continuous information from the departure to the arrival of the units.


We have equipment for transportation of any kind, we do not risk your product with rustic inventions, we are professionals in what we do. We have highly qualified personnel who carry out the transport of your merchandise and the monitoring of them to their destination. We have a floating insurance policy that supports all of our operations.

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